Infinity 2 Synthesizers

Infinity 2 includes a collection of over 30 different synthesizers. These instruments offer a small glimpse into the possibilities offered by Infinity 2

They can be played in Infinity, in SONAR using Infinity's DXi plug-in, or in one of the many sequencer applications supporting VSTi such as Cubase and Cubasis.

This page may take a while to download but it will give you a look at just some of the different synthesizers which are included with Infinity 2. You can click on each of the graphics for a full view of the instrument.

is a 6-operator FM synthesizer built using Infinity's new FM Oscillator object. It includes most of the features of the original FM synthesizers and adds full matrix modulation and external input. Matrix modulation allows every operator to modulate the output of every other operator. The external input can use any audio source as an operator modulator allowing you to chain FM oscillators together to create 12, 18, or 24+ operator synthesizers.

is a 2 oscillator analog synthesizer designed specifically to create bass sounds. It is designed for low CPU usage with a single resonant filter with Stereo Chorus and Stereo Delay effects.
is a 2 oscillator analog synthesizer with kick sample designed specifically to create synthesized kick sounds with low CPU usage.
is a simple drum kit designed to get you up and running fast. The kit requires very little CPU and includes: bass drum, snare, rim shot, cowbell, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals, and two toms.
is an emulation of the venerable 70s synthesizer, with multi-effects. This instrument includes 2 standard oscillators, 1 sub-oscillator, and 1 noise oscillator. all processed through a resonant filter. The instrument also offers a selection of effects: cross-modulation, 3-band EQ, Chorus, Stereo Delay, Distortion, Ring Modulation, and Reverb.
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3 Osc
This instrument uses 3 Oscillators and a resonant filter using a 2-pole or 4-pole, and low or high pass configuration to create a wide range of traditional subtractive synth sounds with extremely low CPU requirements.
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3 Voice
Create subtractive synth sounds using 3 oscillators with 2 envelopes and 3 LFOs and event view the filter shape with the built in response display. Each oscillator can use one of the following waveforms: sine, saw, inverse saw,  square, pulse, triangle, parabola, or impulse wave. The square wave includes pulse width control and the filter can be controlled via an envelope or LFO.
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7 Saws
Build super thick sounds using 7 saw oscillators, ADSR, and low pass filter
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Synthesize your own agogo drum sounds
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Driven Reso
Use the Karplus-Strong algorithm to create your own custom string sounds
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Fat FM
Create frequency modulated sounds
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Guitar 1
Create your own mutated guitar sounds
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Build synth pads
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This instrument features two oscillators and a resonant filter to give you excellent synthesis sounds with low CPU consumption
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emulation of a classic analog synth. This instrument starts with 4 oscillator sourcs: pulse, saw, sub, and noise with filter, envelope, LFO modulation, portamento and panning. For effects, the instrument includes a 3-band EQ, stereo chorus and stereo delay. (This instrument will be arriving soon)
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