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19-07-31 Midi Quest 12: Roger Linn Designs AdrenaLinn Editor/Librarian released
19-07-31 Midi Quest 12: Clavia Nord Lead 1 (v2 ROMs) Editor/Librarian released
19-07-19 Midi Quest 12: Enhanced for Midi Quest 12 - Clavia Nord Lead 1 and 2 released
19-07-08 Midi Quest 12: Yamaha S90ES Editor/Librarian released
19-07-02 Midi Quest 12: Waldorf Blofeld Editor / Librarian released
19-07-01 Midi Quest 12: Enhanced parent/child management for Roland MKS-70 released
19-06-30 Midi Quest 12: Kiwitechnics Kiwi-1000 Editor / Librarian update released to support firmware 1.4
19-06-14 Midi Quest 12: Encore Electronics Oberheim OB-Xa Bank Editor / Librarian released
19-06-13 Midi Quest 12: Enhanced for Midi Quest 12 - ART Multiverb Alpha Editor / Librarian released
19-06-12 Midi Quest 12: Enhanced for Midi Quest 12 - Roland MKS-70 Editor / Librarian released
19-06-06 Midi Quest 12: Moog Voyager Editor / Librarian released for Midi Quest 12
19-05-30 Midi Quest 12: Enhanced for Midi Quest 12 - Fender Rhodes Chroma Polaris editor released
19-05-03 Midi Quest 12: Kiwitechnics Kiwi-30 Editor / Librarian released for Midi Quest 12
19-04-29 Midi Quest 12: Korg KingKorg Bank Editor / Librarian released for Midi Quest 12
19-04-28 Midi Quest 12: Behringer DeepMind 12 / 12D Bank Editor / Librarian released for latest DeepMind 12 firmware
19-04-10 Midi Quest 12: Kiwitechnics Kiwi-1000 Editor / Librarian released for Midi Quest 12
19-04-05 Midi Quest 12 is released for Macintosh and Windows platforms. For more information...
Midi Quest 9: Roland includes a free Sound Quest UniQuest VC-1 Editor/Librarian with every Roland VC-1 Card

Roland VC-1 Editor

Roland has chosen Sound Quest to create the editor/librarian software included with each of its new VC-1 synthesizers.

Entitled UniQuest/VC-1, it is available for Windows XL/2000/ME/98 and Macintosh OS X/OS 9.

Roland's UniQuest/VC-1 features on-screen editing of all instrument parameters using 4 different overview and detailed layouts and includes Sound Quest's unparalleled sound development, bank editing, randomization, and organizational tools.

For more information on Sound Quest's editor librarian software visit: Midi Quest 9 for Windows, Midi Quest 9 for Macintosh, Midi Quest XL for Windows, Midi Quest XL for Macintosh and UniQuest for Windows

Midi Quest 9: TC-Helicon includes a free Sound Quest UniQuest VoiceOne Editor/Librarian with every new VoiceOne
TC-Helicon VoicePro Editor

TC-Helicon is now shipping a UniQuest/ VoiceOne Editor/Librarian for Windows with each one of its VoiceOne voice processing units.

UniQuest/VoiceOne features on-screen editing of all voice parameters (including those not available from  the instrument's front panel). The editor also makes it far easier to create custom scales and allows you to get the most out of your instrument.

For more information on Sound Quest's editor librarian software visit: Midi Quest 9 for Windows, Midi Quest 9 for Macintosh, Midi Quest XL for Windows, Midi Quest XL for Macintosh, and UniQuest for Windows

Infinity 2.0: Awarded Electronic Musician Editor's Choice for 2003!

Infinity 2.05 has won the 2003 EM Editor's Choice award for Ancillary Software in the January 2003 issue of Electronic Musician. 

Sound Quest is honored to have been selected from among the many contenders for this prestigious award and thanks the users and reviewers who have taken the time to unlock the unlimited power of audio, midi and synthesis with Infinity!

Click here to read the entire article.
Infinity 2.0: Electronic Musician reviews Infinity 2.05

Check out the latest review of Infinity 2.05 in the August Issue of Electronic Musician. 

Len Sasso explores Infinity's newest audio and plug-in enhancements and shows you how to create your own super VST and DXi plugins.

Click here for more information
Midi Quest 8.0: Special Crossgrade Offer for SoundDiver Users

This special offer has now expired. However, you still qualify for the standard competitive upgrade offer.

Click here for more information 

July 2, 2002 - Apple Computer has announced that it has acquired eMagic as a wholly owned subsidiary and that support and development for ALL products would be discontinued for the PC Platform. SoundDiver PC Users need not despair! Midi Quest is a full-featured Universal Editor/Librarian and we're offering special crossgrade pricing now!
Click to learn more about MidiQuest
Infinity 2.0: Infinity 2.05 Now Available

Infinity 2.05 adds more new features than any previous update and includes 5 new instruments, 22 new controllers, and 12 new objects including a 6-operator FM synthesizer. In addition, Infinity's hosting objects have been enhanced to run VST instruments and effects in DXi or DirectX effects in VST. Click here for more information.
Infinity 2.0: Computer Music Review gives Infinity a 9/10 and a "Smart Buy" Award

The British magazine Computer Music reviews Infinity 2.0 for its April issue and gives it a "Smart Buy" award. Pick up the magazine and check out the review. Click here to read more...
Infinity 2.0: British Magazine Sound on Sound reviews Infinity 2.0
Martin Walker explores the depths of Infinity 2.0 for the April 2002 issue of Sound On Sound Magazine and has a lot of positive things to say. Click here to read more... 
Infinity 2.0: Dash Synthesis Releases B3 Organ

Dash Synthesis has released an excellent recreation of the B3 organ for Infinity 2.0

This new instrument also includes over 20 superb setups which show off the capabilities of this instrument. Visit the Dash Synthesis InfinitySynths web site for the latest Infinity synths.

Midi Quest 8.0: Proteus 2000 Support Released

Sound Quest has released support for the Emu's Proteus 2000 synthesizer line. The Proteus 2000 features Global, Preset, and Preset Map editors. Midi Quest also supports multiple plug-in cards and is able to display the patch and sample names included on each of these cards.

Proteus 2000 support is available as a free download for all Midi Quest 8.0 owners. 

Infinity 2.0: Infinity 2.04 Now Available

Infinity 2.04 features ASIO, transparency support for controls, new objects, and the ability to use VSTi and DXi instruments and VST and DirectX audio effects in Infinity. Click here for more info.
Infinity 2.0: Infinity Object Developer Kit Now Available
The Developer Kit allows those who are familiar with C/C++ programming to create their own Infinity objects. The Developer Kit can be downloaded here.

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