Infinity v2.0, the sound design and multi-media device control studio.

Create Your Own Synthesizers, Samplers and Digital Audio Effects

With Infinity, you can now create synthesizers, samplers, digital audio effects, MIDI effects, and multimedia presentations which are as simple or as complex as you need them to be. Its potential is virtually limitless. Imagine creating your own synth using 4, 8, 12 or16 oscillators instead of just 2 that a typical hardware synthesizer usually gives you.

Infinity is a powerful and intuitive real-time audio development platform. An extensive set of modules – there are over 370 of them – provide the building blocks you use to create your own audio tools. Building your instrument is as easy as clicking, pointing and linking up each of the necessary elements together. You will quickly be able to build virtually any audio effect, synth, or sampler you can imagine.

Create Your Own Completely Original Sounds

With Infinity, you can connect any module to any other module. This gives you the freedom to create your own collection of completely original sounds from the unusual and unexpected, to the extreme – all of the things you can’t do with your traditional instrument hardwired to the standard Oscillator-Filter-Amplifier audio path.

This “no boundaries” approach will make Infinity an indispensable part of your studio. Infinity gives you all of the standard synth and sampler sounds when you need them but now you will also have the tools to undertake any audio exploration you can imagine – from twisted FM, to mutated samples, to frequency domain processed sounds.

Plug Infinity in Anywhere

Infinity isn’t just a self-contained sound creation studio. It also includes support for all major Windows audio and MIDI plug-in formats: DXi, VSTi, VST, DirectX 8.0 and MFX.

These plug-in formats allow you to play any of Infinity’s synthesizers or samplers in SONAR, Cubase, Logic, or any other application which fully supports Steinberg’s VSTi plug-in format.

Any audio effect processor created in Infinity to modify an audio track can be used with any audio software through the DirectX or VST plug-in formats.  A small sampling of the software supported includes: Cakewalk Pro Audio, SONAR, Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, and Samplitude.

The Infinity Instrument Collection 

Not only does Infinity include everything you need to create your audio tools, it also includes a collection of instruments and effects you can use in your music right now. Just choose from 23 synthesizers (including straight ahead 1, 2, and 3 oscillator synths, organs, FM synths, and string machines), 2 drum kits, or 42 different audio processing effects and you’re ready to go. Each instrument has its own unique and customizable interface and the selection will continue to grow as Sound Quest adds new instruments which can be downloaded from its web site. Infinity also includes over 100 MIDI processing patches and can manipulate MIDI in any way you wish.

Infinity gives you a head start when you begin creating your own instruments and effects from scratch. With over 140 predefined macros, Infinity already includes the basic building blocks you will need to make your synthesizer. For example, if you need to add an ADSR envelope you don’t have to build it, just drag and drop it from the envelope macros menu and you’re done. It’s easy to create massive chains of synthesis, sample and processing modules using Infinity’s graphic signal flow layout window and you can create your own custom control surfaces without writing a single line of code.

Don’t forget, you can also begin your sonic explorations by simply loading any one of Sound Quest’s existing instruments and modifying it to meet your requirements.

Your sounds don’t have to be static any more. Automate them!

Every instrument control offers full automation when used in Infinity and every audio plug-in format. This means that you can record every knob tweak or slider pull in DXi, VSTi, VST, and DirectX. In Infinity, just add a sequencer object, press record and automation events are automatically recorded. They can even be edited from within the sequencer’s editor windows.

You don’t even have to go through the hassle of setting each control to a separate MIDI controller number as you do in other programs. Every control is dynamically assigned its own unique automation identifier, with no limit on the number of controls that you can automate.

With Infinity, every control can also be automated using MIDI. You can assign incoming MIDI controller events directly to controls or first apply your own custom MIDI processing before using the values to alter the instrument.

Infinity makes it easy. Just Drag and Drop it….

Infinity features the most extensive drag and drop capabilities possible. Anywhere that a file from disk is used, be it a wave file, bitmap graphic, Midi Quest patch, or Infinity patch, instead of going through the hassle of typing in a path and file name, you can simply drag the file from Explorer and drop it into Infinity.

Superior Graphic Control

With Infinity, you have complete control over the design and layout of each instrument’s control panel. You can place the controls anywhere in the window you wish and make them any size you want. Most importantly, for the graphic knobs, sliders, switches, and VU meters, you can display the control using a selection of included bitmaps or use your own custom bitmaps for the display. You can even specify that your own graphics be used as defaults for every control where a bitmap isn’t specifically selected. You won’t find this level of flexibility and customization anywhere else.

The Freedom to Play

Infinity gives you the unparalleled freedom to play. You can load as many different instruments into the program simultaneously (limited by the processor’s ability to play all instrument voices) as you wish. Just try these with other software synthesizers.

If you want to have 32 different instruments independently controlled by inputs from two different MIDI inputs, you can do it.

Easily create your own multi-instrument performances. If you want to try a different bass instrument, close or turn off the current bass you have loaded and bring in another. There are no connections to make before you hear audio; it works right away.

Want to let others hear your new creation? With the freely distributable Infinity Player you can put your masterpiece up on the web for everyone to play with.


Infinity turns your computer into a real musical instrument. It is a truly open-ended sound development system that you can use without requiring any additional custom hardware. With the power to create a virtually unlimited number of sounds, it may be one of the most powerful sound creation tools you will ever own. 

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