Infinity 2 MIDI Devices, Hosts and Effects

Infinity 2 includes a collection of over 20 different devices which you can use to control your synthesizers and effects. These devices offer a wide range of features from playing DXi and VSTi instruments to virtual keyboards and sequencers.

The truly unique feature of all of each of these devices is that the MIDI events they create can be sent to any MIDI instrument through your MIDI interface (all ports in multi-port MIDI interfaces can) or to any Infinity instrument using Infinity's vBus virtual routing. vBus allows you to send MIDI and Infinity control events from any Infinity device to any other Infinity device.

Infinity also includes over 100 devices you can use in SONAR and Cakewalk's MFX environment to modify MIDI events in real time.

This page will take a while to download but it will give you a look at just some of the different devices available for Infinity 2.

VSTi Live
is a real time VST instrument player. Just choose one of your VST instruments, select a patch and you're ready to play using your MIDI keyboard or any Infinity MIDI controller device.

You can set the volume, mute individual MIDI channels, transpose notes, and select the pitch and velocity range.

DXi Live
is a real time DXi instrument player. Just choose one of your DXi instruments, select a patch and you're ready to play using your MIDI keyboard or any Infinity MIDI controller device.

You can set the volume, mute individual MIDI channels, transpose notes, and select the pitch and velocity range.

is a powerful real-time note arpeggiator that can arpeggiate any source you want. Arpeggiated notes can then be sent to any Infinity or MIDI instrument.

Play notes on your MIDI keyboard or use an Infinity sequencer or virtual keyboard as a source. Incoming notes are arpeggiated using one of the following 5 patterns: up, down, up/down, down/up, or random over a range of up to 5 octaves.

The newly created note's velocity can be set three different ways and randomized. Note duration is also configurable and can also be randomized.

Multi Mapper
is a monster Infinity device with powerful MIDI mapping, morphing and filtering capabilities. The mapper is divided into 10 segments. Each segment can use up to 6 different MIDI processes.

For real time MIDI processing, you can choose from: MIDI channelize, controller scaling, thin continuous controllers, event filter, pitch inverter, pitch transposer, and velocity scaler. When used in SONAR or Cakewalk, you can also set note durations, quantize notes, shift notes in time, and scale note durations.

You can use this device as your keyboard control center. Receive MIDI from any combination of MIDI ports and Infinity devices, filter and manipulate the MIDI, then send it to any combination of Infinity and MIDI instruments to be played.

With Multi Mapper you can turn your keyboard into a powerful system controller.

The Mapper
is identical to Multi Mapper except that it contains only one segment instead of 10.
Poly Sequence 32
is an easy to use 32-step polyphonic sequencer for creating note patterns.

For each step, just click on the grid to activate the note. Tab to the velocity page to set the velocity level of each note. The Duration page lets you set each note's duration.

The step pattern you create can be sent to any Infinity or MIDI instrument to be played.

Poly Sequence 16
is identical to Poly Sequence 32 except that the maximum number of steps you can specify is 16. It offers a more compact editor requiring less screen space.
Sequence 16
is similar to the traditional step sequencer. You use the sliders to set the pitch and velocity of each note.

The note sequence can then be routed to any Infinity or MIDI instrument.

Sequence Random 16
is identical to Sequence 16 except that the 16 notes are output in a random order.
Quick Sequencer
is a standard MIDI file player. Just select a MIDI file, select the MIDI or Infinity instrument to play it and you're ready to go.
Sequence Player
is a more advanced standard MIDI file player. With this player you can set and filter a number of parameters on a per channel basis. In addition, the output of each MIDI channel can be routed to a different Infinity instrument so channel 1 could be used for bass and sent to a bass instrument such as iBass. Channel 10 is typically used for drums and could be sent to the iDrumKit instrument. Finally, channels to be played by MIDI instruments would be sent to the MIDI Channel to Port Mapper device.
MIDI Channel to Port Mapper
is a general purpose MIDI router. Any received MIDI events are sent to a specific MIDI port on a specific MIDI channel based on the input MIDI channel.
Auto Pattern
is a unique rhythmic pattern generator that can create rhythms up to 32 beats long. This device accepts MIDI notes from any source and generates individual notes or chords in the pattern you select. Each step has its own MIDI velocity level and you can set the number of steps along with swing rhythm.

The rhythmic note or chord pattern can be sent to any Infinity or MIDI instrument.

Random 4
is a note generator that simultaneously creates up to 4 different melodies. Just send 4 notes to Random 4 from your MIDI keyboard or Infinity device and listen to the results. Each melody line can be up to 16 notes long with a fixed melody based on the input notes combined with a random amount.

The results can be played by any Infinity or MIDI instrument.

Random Random
is a simpler version of Random 4. With Random Random, the melody is based solely on the input notes and the degree of randomness selected.
Chord Builder
Play a single note and get a chord back. Choose from a huge selection of different chords.
Delay MIDI events on different MIDI channels by different amounts. Have a problem with two MIDI devices being slightly out of sync? Use this device to bring them together.
Keyboard Controller
lets you use your computer keyboard to control your instruments. It includes four different maps which translate any keyboard key into any MIDI note.
V Controller (Small)
is a virtual keyboard. Just click the virtual keyboard to control your Infinity instrument or MIDI instrument.
V Controller (Large)
is a virtual keyboard and MIDI controller. Just click the virtual keyboard to play notes on your Infinity or MIDI instrument. Use the 11 sliders to send controller, patch change, pitch wheel, and mono and poly after touch events.
Device Loader
is an extremely handy utility patch that does precisely that, it loads devices and that can be a real time saver. Imagine that you like to use a particular combination of drum kit, bass, two synthesizers, a sample player and the sequencer patch to play everything. That's six devices that you need find and load so make it easy on yourself. Bring up Device Loader and enter each of the devices. Now, you can use Device Loader to manually or automatically load and optionally close each of your devices. 
MIDIX File Selector
Use Infinity to send MIDIX files to your MIDI keyboards. It works in Windows platforms like Windows 2000 and Windows XP where most MIDIX utilities won't work at all.
MIDIX File Transmitter
A very simple MIDIX File transmitter for Infinity.