Infinity 2 includes an extensive set of standard features listed below. Infinity 2 also has and extensive list of unique and advanced features which are covered in the Advanced pages. These features set Infinity 2 apart from all other instrument, audio, and MIDI/multi-media device creation software.

Infinity offers a phenomenal range of options and capabilities and we can't list all of its capabilities on the web site so if you are looking for something specific, please contact us at and we'll get you an answer.


  • Utilizes an easy-to-use graphic flow to process audio, MIDI and program control events. Events flow from one object to another through color coded cables
  • The only program of its type to utilize a tree view display which gives you a complete overview of your entire device as it is developed
  • Dynamic object loading - load objects only when required for faster program loading and reduced memory requirements
  • Create your own customized palettes of Infinity objects
  • Includes a complete complement of editing options
  • Create custom panels for each of your Infinity devices
  • Create an unlimited number of setups that are stored with each device (instrument, effect, processor) that you create
  • Full automation support so that instrument or effect parameters can change over time

Infinity Objects

Infinity objects are what make Infinity work. Each object performs a different type of function and when connected together they are capable of creating powerful audio and MIDI tools.

  • Includes over 370 different objects to process audio, MIDI, display and control events
  • Includes all of the audio object you need to create unique synthesizers and samplers including: oscillators (sine, saw, triangle, square and pulse wave), sampler, wavetable, Karplus Strong, envelopes
  • Process your audio using filters (low/high pass, resonant low/high pass, Parametric EQ, FIR, IIR), band pass and shelf filters
  • Transform your audio using a huge select of built-in functions
  • Display and analyze audio in both the time and frequency domains
  • Over 30 different controls to make creating and unique control panels
  • User customizable graphics - display objects can use any bitmap you wish
  • Infinity also offers extensive functions for performing MIDI processing and analysis, math operations, list processing, file access, logic comparisons and routing options, interactive graphic displays and data storage
  • Create your own objects using Infinity's open development standard
  • See the Objects page for a complete list of available objects

Infinity Hosting

  • Infinity supports VSTi, VST, DXi, DirectX, and MFX hosts
  • Instruments created in Infinity can also be played in SONAR using Cakewalk's DXi standard
  • Instruments created in Infinity can also be played in Cubase, Cubasis, Orion, and any other software capable of hosting VSTi instruments
  • Audio effects created in Infinity can also be used in SONAR, Cakewalk, Cool Edit Pro, and any other application supporting DirectX audio plug-ins
  • Audio effects created in Infinity can also be used in Cubase VST, Cubasis VST, and any other application supporting VST plug-ins
  • MIDI effects created in Infinity can also be used in SONAR, Cakewalk, and Guitar Studio using Cakewalk's MFX (MIDI Effects) plug-in standard
  • Infinity supports native automation in all plug-in environments. Use this capability to make your sounds change and evolve over time
  • Infinity support each host's native storage format so you can save setups right in the song

Infinity as Host

  • Infinity can act as a host for other plugins so you can create your own unique real time performance environment
  • Open any VSTi instrument in Infinity and play it
  • Open any DXi instrument in Infinity and play it
  • Process audio through any DirectX audio plug-in in real time
  • Process audio through any VST audio plug-in in real time
  • Combine existing instruments to make super instruments
  • Utilize Infinity's MIDI capabilities to control different plugins from different portions of the keyboard


  • More MIDI process and control options than any other PC application
  • Manipulate MIDI data any way you want - convert it from one type to another, scale it, invert it, filter it - the options are endless
  • Independently addressable MIDI input and output ports


  • Uses sample rates up to 96kHz when used with compatible hardware
  • ASIO support for low latency audio playback
  • Independently addressable audio input ports
  • Simultaneously utilize multiple audio cards
  • optional independent voice processing - apply processing to one one voice in a multi-voice audio stream

Other Goodies

  • No copy protection
  • Includes two manuals with over 270 pages of program information and tutorials
  • Includes over 750 pages of documentation on the operation of each Infinity object including examples

System Requirements

Platforms: Win 10, Win 81/8.1, Win 7, XP
Minimum Hardware: 333MHz PII or Celeron system (for MIDI only / no audio)
Recommended Hardware: 500MHz PIII or higher
Memory: 64MB
Hard Drive: minimal hard drive space required
Audio interface (optional): any audio interface with WAVE, DS, or ASIO drivers
MIDI interface (optional): any MIDI interface with Windows drivers