Infinity 2 - Upgrading from Infinity 1

Infinity 2 contains hundreds of new features designed to make the software more powerful as well as faster and easier to use. Since there are so many new program features, we will list just a few of the highlights. And remember, you won't find these features in any other PC application...

  • Support for all major plug-in formats: VSTi, DXi, VST, DirectX 8.0 and MFX
  • Easily design instruments and effects which can be used in all plug-in formats
  • Store instrument and effect setups directly in Infinity or within the plug-in's host application - its your choice
  • Use the included Infinity Player application to freely distribute your creations
  • 1-step automation simultaneously automates your instrument's or effect's controls for Infinity and all plug-in formats. Infinity uses the host's native automation format and also includes MIDI automation
  • Individual instrument and effect plug-in registration makes Infinity instruments and patches easy to use in your host sequencer
  • Panel view puts all of your patch controls in one place with unlimited placement of your own custom bitmaps for backgrounds and control displays
  • Tree view gives you an overview of your entire patch in one place and allows you to edit any part of it
  • Extreme flexibility. Create amazing panels for you instruments and effects using your own bitmaps or those included with Infinity
  • Extreme power. Any patch can load and control any other patch, instrument, or effect - each works immediately without any additional connections or work required
  • Group any combination of controls together so they can be moved simultaneously
  • Dynamic module loading for faster program startup and lower memory requirements
  • 1-step sub patch creation
  • More MIDI process and control options than any other PC application
  • Build your own custom object palettes for efficient patch creation
  • Over 370 Digital Audio and MIDI processing objects including over 200 new objects
  • Far more than just a digital audio application, Infinity contains all of the tools for your MIDI and multi-media needs. If you need to create a custom application, Infinity is the tool you've been looking for.

Infinity also

  • Features superb sound quality with 32-bit floating point precision and superior FST oscillators for crisp, clear highs
  • Includes audio display objects which allow you to see what you are hearing
  • Includes two manuals with over 270 pages of program information and tutorials
  • Includes over 750 pages of documentation on the operation of each Infinity object including examples
  • Uses sample rates up to 96kHz when used with compatible hardware
  • Lets you use your C/C++ programming experience to create your own custom modules for Infinity
  • Contains no copy protection

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