Infinity 2 Service Pack #5

Sound Quest has released Infinity 2.05. This service pack is a free download for all Infinity 2.0 owners. The highlights of this new version includes:

New Infinity Devices

Infinity 2.05 includes a collection of 22 new and unique devices which use Infinity's enhanced objects and features to give you new unparalleled creative options. For in-depth coverage of all of these new Infinity devices, click here.

New Infinity Instruments

Infinity includes 5 new instruments.

Click for full view iFM is a 6-operator FM synthesizer built using Infinity's new FM Oscillator object. It includes most of the features of the original FM synthesizers and adds full matrix modulation and external input. Matrix modulation allows every operator to modulate the output of every other operator. The external input can use any audio source as an operator modulator allowing you to chain FM oscillators together to create 12, 18, or 24+ operator synthesizers.
Click for full view iM is an emulation of the venerable 70s instrument with multi-effects. This instrument includes 2 standard oscillators, 1 sub-oscillator, and 1 noise oscillator. all processed through a resonant filter. The instrument also offers a selection of effects: cross-modulation, 3-band EQ, Chorus, Stereo Delay, Distortion, Ring Modulation, and Reverb.
Click for full view iBass is a 2 oscillator analog synthesizer designed specifically to create bass sounds. It is designed for low CPU usage with a single resonant filter with Stereo Chorus and Stereo Delay effects.
Click for full view iSynKick is a 2 oscillator analog synthesizer with kick sample designed specifically to create synthesized kick sounds with low CPU usage.
Click for full view iDrumKit is a simple drum kit designed to get you up and running fast. The kit requires very little CPU and includes: bass drum, snare, rim shot, cowbell, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals, and two toms.

Enhanced Audio Effects

All 40 of Infinity's audio effects have been enhanced so that they automatically work in Infinity, as VST plugins, as DirectX plugins and as subpatches for other Infinity devices without any modification.

Enhanced Hosting Objects

Infinity's enhanced hosting objects offer you complete flexibility to use your VSTi, VST, DXi, and DirectX plugins almost anywhere and combine them in any way you want. Now you can ... 

  • Create enhanced VST instruments that use any combination of VSTi and DXi instruments and DirectX and VST effects plugins
  • Create enhanced DXi instruments that use any combination of VSTi and DXi instruments and DirectX and VST effects plugins
  • Create enhanced VST effects that use both VST and DirectX plugins
  • Create enhanced DirectX effects that use both VST and DirectX plugins

New Infinity Objects

Infinity 2.05 includes a dozen new objects. The highlights are two new audio source objects, two new control objects and an event transmitter. 

The FM Oscillator is a sophisticated 6-operator FM synthesizer built in a single object. The object features: 

  • operators that use fixed or ratio frequencies
  • each operator's amplitude envelope can be up to 100 segments long
  • a sophisticated modulation matrix allows the output of each operator to be modulated by every other operator
  • LFO input for frequency and amplitude modulation control
  • a seventh, virtual, operator allows FM Oscillator objects to be stacked so you can create an 18, 24, or 30 operator synthesizer if you wish

Following is a list of all of the new Infinity objects:

  • FM Oscillator is a 6-operator synthesizer packed into a single object
  • Wave Table generates audio by constantly looping through a wave table. This object is ideal for recreating classic analog synthesizers
  • Transmit to Device sends Infinity, MIDI, and audio events from any Infinity device to any other Infinity device
  • Patch List automatically outputs the names 
  • Number 2 is a new display object with full graphic background control including transparency
  • Edit is an in-window control for entering text into an Infinity device without using a popup window
  • MIDI Type Separator separates MIDI events by type
  • Path Name displays a dialog so select a particular folder on the hard-drive
  • Audio Accumulator sums an audio signal with continuous or windowed options allowing for audio power calculations
  • Polyphonic assigns a unique voice number to each incoming MIDI note event
  • On Change notifies your Infinity device that the selected MIDI or audio ports have been changed so that appropriate actions can be taken such as updating displays
  • Is In Subpatch is an integral object for several new Infinity subpatches which intelligently route audio based on whether the device is running in Infinity, as a plug-in, or as a subpatch within another device
  • 8 existing Infinity objects have been enhanced with new features: Horizontal Graphic Slider, Vertical Graphic Slider, Horizontal Scroller, Vertical Scroller, Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider, Button, and List.