Infinity 2 Digital Audio Effects

Infinity 2 includes over 40 different digital audio effects. These effects offer a glimpse into the audio processing possibilities offered by Infinity.

These effects can be used to enhance incoming audio from your computer's audio card, or process a synthesizer sound or wave file in real time.

Most importantly, each of these effects can be used as a plug-in for your audio sequencer or sample editing software. This is accomplished through Infinity's DirectX 8.0 and VST support. Since all major audio tools include support for at least one of these two formats, you can use any of Sound Quest's pre-created effects or any effect you create in your favorite software. Now if you can't find the effect you want, you can always create it.

This page may take some time to download but it will give you a look at just some of the different effects which are included with Infinity 2. You can click on each of the graphics for a full view of the effect.

3-Band EQ
Efficient high/mid/low Equalization
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Parametric EQ
Seven bands of parametric EQ with programmable gain and bandwidth
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Auto Pan
Automatically pan an audio signal with selectable center, rate and depth
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BPM Delay
Pan and delay audio based on a tempo and selected note
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Add chorusing to the audio signal

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Super Crunch
Add distortion to the audio signal
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Digital Delay
Basic digital delay
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Add overdrive distortion to the audio
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Phase the audio signal

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Add a basic reverb effect to the audio
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Add a Tremolo effect to the audio

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Parametric EQ
7 channels of EQ where each channel can be configured to use a parametric or shelf filter on a specific frequency. The total EQ effect is also displayed
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Amp Delay
A combination amplifier and delay with modulation
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Average Inducer
Adds delay and modulation to the audio
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Basic Tap Delay
A multi-tap delay
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Coarse Reverb
A basic reverb effect
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Fizzle Delay
A stereo delay with feedback and high pass filters
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Flanger & Multi-tap
A stereo flanger and multi-tap delay with modulation and filters
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Frequency Shift
Basic frequency shifting
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The title says it all...
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