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SQ Midi Tools is a complete set of 10 individual MIDI utility programs to aid, enhance, and improve your music making.
They are: Drum Quest, MusicBase, MidiMapper, MidiXer Pro, MidiPad, MidiThru, MidiViewer, TimePad, MidiAnalyzer, and Quick Send.

Drum Quest

Drum Quest is a specialty sequencer which is specifically designed to quickly and easily create drum patterns or any other type of pattern based music. It includes a wide array of editing and processing options and uses MIDI Files as its native file format so it can easily be used with virtually any sequencer.

Drum Quest is much more than an optimized pattern creator. It features a full complement of Standard MIDI file editing tools including point and click note editing, real time recording, MIDI file processing and all of the other features you'd expect to find in a MIDI sequencer. It even automatically imports and exports all components of a standard MIDI file, even elements that it does not use itself. This way nothing is lost when moving data between your sequencer and Drum Quest.

Note: not available for Win 8, Win 7, and Vista

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MusicBase is more than just a database program for organizing, searching, and displaying information about your MIDI and WAVE files. MusicBase also features MIDI File "global editing". Now its easy to make changes to as many MIDI files as you like with no additional work!

  • Auto Search finds all MID or WAV files, even across networks
  • Display critical statistics on the file
  • Create and store sophisticated queries to quickly find files
  • Assign up to 16 keywords to each file for searching or sorting

For MIDI Files only:

  • Display critical information on the contents of the MIDI file
  • Display file contents by MIDI Channel, by Track, or timing data
  • Includes display of the range and quantity of each type of event
  • Globally modify: timebase, copyright, tempo, or MIDI ports
  • Graphically create and store sophisticated file editing macros.

Note: not available for Win 8, Win 7, and Vista.

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MidiMapper is a powerful graphic real-time MIDI processing program. Use it to turn your MIDI keyboard into the ultimate MIDI controller, map any controller message into any other, or process your performances in dozens of different ways - all in real time!

The MidiMapper works by connecting any MIDI INput to any MIDI OUTput.. You can then place any number of processors between the input and output to modify the MIDI data in almost any way you want. With this powerful tool you can:

  • Create harmonizations or octave doubling
  • Process note velocities 7 different ways
  • Remap MIDI channels
  • Remap any continuous MIDI message to any other continuous MIDI message
  • Process controller levels 6 different ways including scaling and limiting
  • Filter out any specific range of MIDI events
  • Invert notes
  • Create delays
  • Transpose notes
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MidiXer Pro

MidiXer Pro is the utility to use for organizing and editing your MIDIX format System Exclusive files. MIDIX format is the most common format for making patches available on the web and BBSs. This program gives you most features to ensure that you make the most of your instruments. MidiXer Pro not only provides storage and editing for MIDIX files. It also provides a wide range of options not found anywhere else.

  • Automatically maintains a listing of your MIDIX files
  • Automatically searches all of your hard drives to create a list of available MIDIX (.SYX) files
  • Assign a MIDI port and comment to each MIDIX file, no other program does this
  • Displays: file name, location, # of SysEx messages, # of bytes, manufacturer, file date, and approximate transmit time for each file in the list
  • Create groups of MIDIX files for automated one button multi-instrument transmissions. Completely reconfigure your system easily
  • Extract MIDI data from standard MIDI files
  • Split or join MIDIX files
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MidiPad is a full featured MIDI control pad. With it you can place sliders, knobs, toggles, buttons, and number controls on the control surface to create MIDI device control panels. This program is ideal for creating virtual mixers, instrument panels, or anything else you might need.

Each control can easily be set up to output various types of continuous controller output as well as other standard MIDI messages. Alternately, there is a complete macro language that allows you to create virtually any MIDI output you want. For example, generate System Exclusive output to edit synthesizers or create complex mathematical relationships between the sliders for proportional editing, mixing control, or panning.

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MidiThru gives your computer global MIDI THRU capabilities. Ideal for use with multiple programs, the MIDI events received at each MIDI IN port can be sent to any number of selected MIDI OUT ports. Basic filtering is available for each MIDI IN port. Click on MidiThru for full view

MidiViewer is a powerful Real time Graphic MIDI event monitor that provides visually precise information about the activity on your MIDI system. MidiViewer is ideal for real time monitoring of the MIDI activity on one or more MIDI IN ports. The window shows all types of MIDI activity including: notes, note velocity level, polyphonic aftertouch, controllers, patch changes, aftertouch, pitch wheel, real time MIDI messages, and SysEx messages.

MidiViewer also provides MIDI filtering options so you can choose to display only certain types of data.

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TimePad uses three different "panes" for performing music specific time calculations and conversions.

The first pane allows you to enter a tempo and TimePad displays the length of time for each type of note in milliseconds. The second pane performs conversions. Enter a time in either bars/beats/ticks, real time (seconds), or SMPTE time (hours, minutes, seconds, frames) and TimePad displays the equivalent time in the other two formats. The third pane allows you to properly add or subtract SMPTE times.

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MidiAnalyzer is a comprehensive MIDI event monitor program. The program displays all types of incoming MIDI data in hexadecimal format to show exactly what messages are arriving at the MIDI IN port.

MidiAnalyzer then analyzes and interprets the data and displays information about the received MIDI command(s). While not useful for real time work, Midi Analyzer excels for those who want to view the incoming raw MIDI data in step mode. This is the best way to view each individual message that arrives at a MIDI port if you are trying to identify a problem or if you are simply working on learning the individual MIDI commands and how they work.

Along with the standard file and editing functions, MidiAnalyzer allows you to start and stop the reception of MIDI and provides filtering capabilities so you can view only particular types of MIDI data.

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QuickSend is a Midi Quest add-in utility which can transmit Sound Quest SysEx files and MIDIX format files directly from disk to the appropriate instrument. In any version of Windows, simply drag the file you want and drop it in QuickSend. No opening large programs to transmit a file.

In Windows XP/2000/NT/95/98, QuickSend is even more powerful. QuickSend attaches to the file's popup menu so you right click on the file, choose QuickSend and the file is automatically send to the instrument.

System Requirements

Windows Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT 4.0
4MB RAM (8 MB recommended)
MIDI interface with Windows MIDI drivers
800x600 or higher video resolution
MusicBase and Drum Quest do not work in Win10, Win 8, Win 7, and Vista