Advanced Features

Infinity 2.0 includes an extensive set of advanced features. These are capabilities which are either unique to Infinity 2 or rarely found.

Infinity Interface

  • Tree view gives you a complete overview of your entire instrument or effect during the development process
  • Simultaneously load as many different Infinity devices/instruments as you wish. Each patch works immediately - no connections needed
  • Unparalleled MIDI processing and control capabilities
  • Support for multiple, individually addressable MIDI Inputs and MIDI Outputs
  • 1-step subpatch/macro creator - if a window ends up being filled with too many objects, its a one step process to select a group of objects and move them into a new sub patch while automatically maintaining all connections
  • Infinity ensures that each object stores its setup values uniquely so there is no chance that two objects will use the same settings or overwrite each other when copying and pasting objects between patches (as Reaktor can)
  • Groups objects together so that when one object is moved all other objects in the group are also moved
  • Create any kind of interactive application you want - not just instruments
  • Audio, MIDI and control messages can easily be routed between patches so any device created in Infinity can actually send messages to, and control, any other Infinity device
  • Show and hide controls to create multi-paged device/instrument panels
  • Assign names to colors instead of working with arcane numbers
  • There is no limit to the number of connections which can be made between objects
  • There is no limit to the number of controls which can be added to a device

Infinity Plug-in Features

  • Register Infinity instruments and effects as individual plugins - each of the instruments or effects that are registered appear to the host application as individual plugins. 
  • Simultaneously register VST and VSTi plugins with as many as 20 different host applications
  • Automation of controls - each control can optionally be automated using the hosts native automation system. You don't have to use MIDI automation
  • Host Based Automation - take full advantage of your host's native automation capabilities for all hosting formats: VST, VSTi, DXi, and DirectX
  • Host Based Storage - take full advantage of your host's native setup/snapshot storage capabilities to store your setups - available for all hosting formats. 

Infinity Objects

  • Infinity offers a wider array of control objects than any other commercial Windows application
  • Create your own completely unique interfaces - with your own bitmaps as backgrounds in the following objects: Knob 2, Vertical Graphic Slider, Horizontal Graphic Slider, Number 2, Background, and Bitmap.
  • Transparent graphics support - let the background shine through! Now you can create sophisticated controls that can be placed anywhere on a complex background by taking advantage of Infinity's transparency features.
  • 5 different sequencing objects including a sophisticated Standard MIDI File sequencer object.
  • Infinity uses an open development standard so anyone with a C/C++ programming background can create their own unique objects for Infinity
  • There is no limit to the number of connections which can be made between objects (as there is in Reaktor)
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) allow you to convert your audio into frequency information for analysis and display
  • Display and control the playback of videos and animation
  • Loader object allows any patch to load and control any other patch, instrument, or effect - each loaded patch works immediately without any additional connections or work required
  • Insert object allows you to Load and change macros in real time under user control. This gives Infinity the option of having many, many different effects macros which could be loaded into a patch when ever the player wishes, as just one example
  • Receipt, processing, and output of SysX data

Infinity Hosting Objects

  • VSTi Host - include any VST instrument as part of an Infinity patch
  • VST Host - process audio using any VST audio effect plug-in
  • DXi Host - include any DXi instrument as part of an Infinity patch
  • DirectX Host - process audio using any DirectX audio effects plug-in

More goodies

  • Over 750 pages of support documentation for Infinity objects in addition to the 270 pages of manuals and tutorials
  • Individual documentation and examples for every Infinity object