Infinity 2 Service Pack #4

Sound Quest has released Infinity 2.04. This service pack is a free download for all current Infinity 2 owners and contains numerous program enhancements. The highlights of this new version include ASIO support, enhanced features for registering plugins, transparent graphics and 8 new objects.


ASIO Support
  • you can now run Infinity with audio latencies as low as 3 milliseconds if you have an audio card with ASIO drivers
Enhanced features for Registering Plugins
  • view lists of Infinity registered plug-ins for each format: DXi, VSTi, Direct X, VST, and MFX
  • easily unregister plug-ins using the same display
  • add up to 20 different VST paths for both effects and instruments so you can register each effect and instrument with all of your VST hosts
  • support for Orion's listing of all automatable VST parameters

Transparent Graphics

Knob2, Vertical Graphic Slider, Horizontal Graphic Slider, Bitmap, Switch, and LED have all been enhanced to support a transparent color. Design your BMP graphics using one color as the transparent color. Enable transparency and watch the background come through. With this feature you can create truly stunning Instrument panels. 

New Objects

Check out the latest new objects for Infinity...

  • Grid - a sophisticated 3-d control object which can be used to program the Step Sequencer or create collections of messages in a multi-dimensional array
  • Multi Message - a second sophisticated 2-d control object which can be used to program the Sampler and upcoming Wave Sequence objects. It can also create collections of messages
  • Message Box - display a message and get a response before continuing
  • Drop File - drag and drop a file from Explorer to Infinity to use with any file sensitive object
  • File Name - open a dialog to obtain a file name to send to any object
  • Convert to Symbol - convert any Infinity event to a symbol
  • OnOpenPanel - notify the patch when the panel window is opened
  • PassThru - a space holder object which does nothing