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Midi Quest 12 is loaded with important enhancements that will help you to get the most out of your MIDI instruments and hardware...
 Midi Quest x64

64-bit Midi Quest

Every version of Midi Quest 12 for Windows - Standard, Essentials, and Pro is now available in 64-bit.

For the Macintosh, every version includes a complete rewrite of Midi Quest to support Apple's Objective-C Cocoa interface instead of Carbon. Along with 64-bit versions of Midi Quest, this new development brings additional enhancements such as a significantly faster graphics engine and support for drag and drop from the Macintosh Finder.

To open a Midi Quest file with Finder, simply double click or drag and drop it on the Studio window to open it. To add a single patch to a bank, drag it from the Finder and drop it on the position in the bank. To add a patch or bank to a Set, Collection, or Library, just drag the file over the appropriate window and release.

Midi Quest takes care of the rest.

 Logic X

AU x64 Plug-ins for Logic X

AU x64 plug-ins for Midi Quest have been one of the most requested features and they are now available for every instrument and MIDI device supported by Midi Quest.

These plug-ins inlcude all of the standard Midi Quest features: total recall, parameter automation and full parameter and bank editing.

Each Midi Quest instrument is displayed independently within the host.


Integrate Everywhere with AAX, AU, VST3, VST2, MFX, and Studio Connections Plug-ins

Midi Quest 12 Pro adds both AAX and VST3 plug-ins so every major DAW plug-in format is now supported.

If you use Pro Tools, you can now integrate SysEx data, total recall, and parameter automation for MIDI hardware into your projects.

VST3 offers unique advantages in terms of minimizing processing overhead and managing parameter automation. Unlike other plug-in formats, VST3 can handle all 50,000 parameters presented by a Kronos without requiring a custom parameter manager to select the parameters to be automated.

Patch Zone Window 

Get in the Zone - the Expanded Patch Zone

Looking for inspiration?

Sound Quest's latest patch collection for Midi Quest 12 is now larger with over 180,000 unique patches. This context sensitive window tracks which instrument and type of SysEx you are working with and automatically lists the available patches. Looking for a Korg Kronos or OASYS Program? The Patch Zone will list over 30,000 available programs you can audition with the click of a button or add them to your banks, collections or libraries. Switch to a D-50 Patch editor and the Patch Zone window will automatically display 2,400 patches for your consideration.

The Patch Zone window is fully integrated into Midi Quest. To audition a patch from the Patch Zone, click on it, just as you would in a bank or library, and the patch is sent to the instrument so you can evaluate it. Like a patch? Drag and drop it into a bank, editor, library, collection or set to incorporate it into your existing SysEx.

Patch Name Export 

Export more Bank Names to more DAWs

Midi Quest 12 now creates Jammer .dev files to create custom bank names files for each instrument.

This expands on Midi Quest's extensive names export capabilities which support all major DAWs including: Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, SONAR, Performer, Reaper, ACID, Music Creator, Cubasis, Ardour, and others.

Patch Editor 

Over 100 New Instrument Modules

Midi Quest 12 adds over 100 new instrument modules to support some of our most popular requests:
Access Virus TI Polar
Access Virus TI Desktop
Access Virus TI Snow
Access Virus TI2
Behringer DeepMind 12
Clavia Nord Lead 2X
Clavia Nord Rack 2X
Clavia Nord Lead 4
Dave Smith Evolver
Dave Smith Mono Evolver
Dave Smith Mopho
Dave Smith Mopho Keyboard
Dave Smith Mopho SE
Dave Smith Mopho X4
Dave Smith OB-6
Dave Smith OB-6 Desktop
Dave Smith Poly Evolver
Dave Smith Poly Evolver Rack
Dave Smith PRO 2
Dave Smith Prophet-6
Dave Smith Prophet-6 Desktop
Dave Smith Prophet 08 Kbd
Dave Smith Prophet 08 Rack
Dave Smith Prophet 08 SE
Dave Smith Prophet 12 Kbd
Dave Smith Prophet 12 Module
Dave Smith Prophet Rev2
Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 Desktop
Dave Smith Tetra
Dave Smith Toraiz AS-1
Encore Electronics JP-8
Eventide H3000-B
Eventide H3000-B+
Eventide H3000-BLT
Eventide H3000-dfx
Eventide H3000-dfxe
Eventide H3000-DSE
Eventide H3000-DSX
Eventide H3000-S
Eventide H3000-SE
Ensoniq DP Pro
Fender B-DEC 30
Fender G-DEC
Fender G-DEC 30
Futuresonus Parva
Kawai K5000W
Kiwitechnics Kiwi-1000
Kiwitechnics Kiwi-30
Kiwitechnics Kiwi-3P
Kiwitechnics Kiwi-8P
Kiwitechnics KiwiSix
Korg A3
Korg EX800 Editor
Korg Krome
Korg Kronos 3.1 OS
Korg MS2000BR
Korg MicroKorg
Korg Minilogue
Korg OASYS (MQ / Pro only)
Korg Poly800 II Editor
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Beats
Korg Volca fm
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Sample
MFB Dominion Club
MFB Synth Lite II
MFB Tanzbar Lite
MFB Tanzbar
MFB Tanzmaus
Moog Minitaur
Moog Sub 37
Moog Subsequent 37
Moog Subsequent 37 CV
Novation Bass Station II
Novation Circuit
Novation MiniNova
Novation UltraNova
Organix JX-3P
OTO Machines BAM
OTO Machines BIM
OTO Machines Biscuit
OTO Machines BOUM
OTO Machines Der OTO
Pioneer Toraiz AS-1
Roland JP-08
Roland JU-06
Roland JX-03
Roland TR-08
Roland TR-09
Sequential Prophet X
Sequential Prophet XL
Soulsby Mini Atmegatron
Soulsby Mini Odytron
Studio Electronics ATC-1x
Studio Electronics ATC-X
Studio Electronics ATC-Xi
Tasty Chips Sawbench
Vintage Revolution PedalPro
Vintage Revolution PedalPro EX
Waldorf Pulse Plus
Waldorf Q+
Yamaha Reface DX
Yamaha Reface YC
Zoom 9030

 Patch Editor

Enhanced Instrument Modules

Midi Quest 12 features enhanced editors for over 100 different instrument modules including:
Access Virus a
Access Virus b
Access Virus c
Access Virus Classic
Access Virus indigo
Access Virus Indigo 2
Access Virus Kb
Access Virus Kc
Access Virus Rack
Access Virus Rack XL
Access Virus TI Polar
Access Virus TI2
Alesis QS 6
Alesis QS 6.1
Alesis QS 6.2
Alesis QS 7
Alesis QS 7.1
Alesis QS 8
Alesis QS 8.1
Alesis QS 8.2
Alesis QuadraSynth + Piano
Alesis QuadraSynth S4
Alesis QuadraSynth S4 Module
Alesis QuadraSynth S4 Rack
Alesis QuadraSynth S4+
Alesis QuadraSynth S4+ Module
Alesis QuadraSynth S4+ Rack
Alesis Quadraverb
Alesis Quadraverb +
Casio CZ-1
Casio CZ-101
Casio CZ-1000
Casio CZ-3000
Casio CZ-5000
Casio VZ-1
Casio VZ-10
Casio VZ-10m
Clavia Nord Lead
Clavia Nord Lead 2
Clavia Nord Lead 2X
Clavia Nord Lead 2X Anniversary
Clavia Nord Rack 2
Clavia Nord Rack 2X
E-mu Audity 2000 (v1)
E-mu B-3
E-mu B-3 Turbo
E-mu Carnival
E-mu Mo' Phatt
E-mu Mo' Phatt Turbo
E-mu Orbit
E-mu Orbit/2
E-mu Orbit 3
E-mu Planet Earth
E-mu Planet Earth Turbo
E-mu Planet Phatt
E-mu Virtuoso 2000
Ensoniq ESQ-1
Ensoniq ESQm
Ensoniq SQ80
Kawai K1
Kawai K1 II
Kawai K1m
Kawai K1r
Kawai K1r II
Kawai K4
Kawai K4r
Kawai K5000S
Kawai K5000r
Korg DW-6000
Korg DW-8000
Korg EX-8000
Korg i1
Korg Karma
Korg NS5R
Korg Trinity
Korg Trinity Plus
Korg Trinity Plus/Pro
Korg Trinity Rack
Korg Trinity V3
Korg Trinity V3 Pro X
Korg Triton 61
Korg Triton Pro
Korg Triton Pro X
Korg Triton LE 61
Korg Triton LE 76
Korg Triton LE 88
Korg Triton Rack
Korg Triton Studio
Korg Wavestation
Korg Wavestation EX
Korg Wavestation A/D
Korg Wavestation SR
Korg Z1
Korg Z1 EX
Novation A-Station
Novation Bass Station
Novation DrumStation Rack
Novation KS4
Novation KS5
Novation KS-Rack
Novation K-Station
Novation Nova
Novation X-Station
Oberheim Matrix-1000
Oberheim Matrix 6
Oberheim Matrix-1000
Roland CM-32L
Roland CM-32p
Roland CM-64
Roland D-5
Roland D-10
Roland D-20
Roland D-110
Roland Fantom-S
Roland Fantom-S88
Roland MC-303
Roland PAD-80
Roland U-110
Roland XV-2020
Roland XV-5050
Sequential MAX
Sequential MultiTrak
Sequential Prophet 10
Sequential Prophet 5
Sequential Prophet 600
Sequential Prophet T8
Sequential Six-Trak
Waldorf MicroQ
Waldorf Microwave II
Waldorf Microwave II EX
Waldorf Microwave II XT
Waldorf Microwave II XTk
Waldorf Q
Waldorf Q Rack
Yamaha DX1
Yamaha DX5
Yamaha DX7
Yamaha DX9
Yamaha DX11
Yamaha DX21
Yamaha DX27
Yamaha DX100
Yamaha FB-01
Yamaha Motif 6
Yamaha Motif 7
Yamaha Motif 8
Yamaha Motif Rack
Yamaha Motif ES6
Yamaha Motif ES7
Yamaha Motif ES8
Yamaha Motif ES Rack
Yamaha TX81Z
Yamaha V50


And much more...

Midi Quest 12 includes improvements to every major component of the program. You will find enhancements and improvements to Sets, Bank editors, Patch editors, Collections, Libraries, and the Panel editor. For more information, check out Midi Quest 12's enhancements in greater detail.

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Some described features are only available in specific versions of Midi Quest. Please see upgrade details for further information.

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