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Apple Silicon 4k/HiDPI Monitors New Instruments Patch Zone
Enhanced Set and Bank Editors Enhanced Patch Editor Patch Category Import More...

Midi Quest 13 is loaded with exciting enhancements that will help you to get the most out of your MIDI instruments and hardware...
 Midi Quest native Apple Silicon support

Native Apple Silicon for Mac - Unlimited Devices for Essentials - 6 Instruments for Midi Quest one

Every version of Midi Quest 13 for Macintosh - Pro, Standard, Essentials, and one is now available as a universal binary to run seamlessly on both Apple Silicon (M1/M2) and Intel processors including Midi Quest Pro plug-ins for AU, VST3, AAX, and VST2..

Midi Quest 13 continues its support for a wide range of macOS versions from the latest macOS 13.0 Ventura back to OS X 10.12 Sierra.

Midi Quest 13's new collection of thousands of hires MIDI hardware and interface images work seamlessly with Apple hires retina displays.

Midi Quest 13 Essentials features unlimited installed instruments. Want to use a dozen instruments with Essentials? Go for it...

Midi Quest 13 one installs up to six instruments, if you prefer to purchase instrument modules individually.

 Windows 4k/HiDPI monitor support

Midi Quest 13 for Windows supports 4k/hiDPI Monitors

Midi Quest 13 adds customized management for 4k hDPI monitors with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

All Midi Quest 13 windows including Patch Editors, Bank Editors, Sets, Libraries, Collections, the Studio, and all ancillary windows now make optimal use of 4k screen resolution. Midi Quest automatically transitions when it is moved between 4k and standard resolution monitors and uses the scaling specified in Windows to render all windows. When using the recommended scaling for a 4k monitor, you get both higher quality font and graphic rendering along with more usable screen space.

Midi Quest 13's new collection of thousands of high resolution MIDI instrument and device images provide higher quality rendering for 4k monitors. Midi Quest 13 intelligently manages these high resolution images and only loads and renders them when they will improve the program's appearance. When using Midi Quest 13 with a lower resolution monitor, it will load and render just as quickly as Midi Quest 12. These new images make a real difference to the look and feel of Midi Quest 13.
4k/HiRes Image
HiRes Image
LoRes Image
LoRes Image

 New Instruments

Over 100 New Instrument Modules

Midi Quest 13 adds over 100 new instrument modules to support some of our most popular requests:
Alesis SR18

ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe
ASM Hydrasynth Desktop
ASM Hydrasynth Explorer
ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard

Audiothingies Doctor A
Audiothingies Double Drummer

Casio VZ-8m

Digitech GSP21 Pro

Kiwitechnics Kiwi 3P Matrix
Kiwitechnics Kiwi-2

Korg Krome 73
Korg Krome 88
Korg Krome 61EX
Korg Krome 73EX
Korg Krome 88EX
Korg M3 61
Korg M3 73
Korg M3 88
Korg M3M
Korg microKorg S
Korg microStation
Korg MicroX
Korg Minilogue xd
Korg Minilogue xd PW
Korg Minilogue xs
Korg Monologue
Korg Nautilus
Korg Radias
Korg SDD-3300
Korg T1EX
Korg T2EX
Korg T3EX
Korg Volca Drum
Korg Volca Kick
Korg Volca Nubass

Lexicon PCM-70
Lexicon PCM-91

Meris Enzo
Meris Hedra v2
Meris Mercury 7
Meris Ottobit Jr
Meris Polymoon

MFB Tanzbar 2

Modal Electronics Argon8
Modal Electronics Argon8m
Modal Electronics Cobalt8
Modal Electronics Cobalt8m
Modal Electronics Cobalt8X
Modal Electronics KRAFTsynth 2.0
Modal Electronics SKULPTsynth SE

Moog Little Phatty
Moog Subsequent 25
Moog Sirin
Moog Theremini
Novation Peak
Novation Summit
Novation Supernova 2 Kbd
Novation Supernova 2
Pro-X Kbd
Novation Supernova 2
Pro-X Rack
Novation Supernova 2 Rack

Oberheim OB-X8

Peavey DPM3 SE

Quadimidi Sirius

Roland BOSS VF-1
Roland FA-06
Roland FA-07
Roland FA-08
Roland Fantom X6
Roland Fantom X7
Roland Fantom X8
Roland Fantom XR
Roland JP-08 SysEx
Roland MC-101
Roland MC-707
Roland MX-1
Roland RD-500
Roland S-760
Roland S-770
Roland TR-06
Roland TR-6S
Roland TR-8S
Roland VP-03
Roger Linn LinnDrum

Multitrak 2.3
Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 4
Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 4 Desktop
Sequential Prophet 10 Rev 4
Sequential Prophet 10 Rev 4 Desktop
Sequential Take 5
Sequential Trigon-6

Studiologic Sledge

Tauntek Kawai SX-240
Tauntek Multitrak 2.3

Technics SX-WSA1
Technics SX-WSA1R

Vecoven Super JX 4.x

Waldorf Streichfett

Yamaha Motif XS 6
Yamaha Motif XS 7
Yamaha Motif XS 8
Yamaha Motif XS Rack
Yamaha MOXF 6
Yamaha MOXF 8
Yamaha MX49
Yamaha MX61
Yamaha MX88
Yamaha S90XS

Patch Zone Window 

Expanding the Zone - the Patch Zone Expands Again - by 90,000...

Looking for inspiration?

Sound Quest's latest patch collection for Midi Quest 13 adds over 90,000 patches and now offers over 270,000 unique patches that are available in Midi Quest. The Patch Zone tracks which instrument and type of SysEx you are working with and automatically lists available patches. Looking for a Korg Nautilus or Kronos Program? The Patch Zone will list over 30,000 available programs you can audition with the click of a button or add them to your banks, collections or libraries. Switch to a D-50 Patch editor and the Patch Zone window will now automatically display over 14,000 patches, increased substantially from Midi Quest 12.

The Midi Quest 13 Patch Zone also features a new tag filter. Select any tag from a list unique to each instrument and only matching patches are displayed in the Patch Zone, making it even faster to find the patch you're search for.

Tag Filter

The Patch Zone window is fully integrated into Midi Quest. To audition a patch from the Patch Zone, click on it, just as you would in a bank or library, and the patch is sent to the instrument so you can evaluate it. Like a patch? Drag and drop it into a bank, editor, library, collection or set to incorporate it into your existing SysEx.

Enhanced Set and Bank Editors 

Enhanced Set and Bank Editors

Midi Quest 13's Set Editor shows each SysEx Patch name in the left column. A quick overview of all of the patches used by a multi-timbral synth is now just a glance away. Its also easier to move a new sound into the correct multi-timbral patch location, and easier to verify that a new patch has been dragged and dropped to the correct location.

For multi-timbral instruments, in the past, editing a patch meant switching the instrument from multi-timbral mode to single patch mode working on the sound then returning to multi mode. Now, for multi-timbral instruments which support editing patches in performance mode, such as most synths from Roland, Access, Waldorf, Novation, and Alesis, you can choose to edit the patch in either single patch mode or in multi-timbral mode. This allows patches to be developed in the context of the other sounds being used by a project.

A single document can be created to display all of a Set's parent/child relationships.

The components in a Set can now be displayed as either a single list, or grouped by SysEx type. It's your choice.

Midi Quest 13's new Bank Editor features an optional Info view pane which displays all parent and child relationships of a patch along with its assiged tags and properties.

Patch Editor 

Enhanced Patch Parameter Editors

To take full advantage of the additional resolution provided by 4k screens required Sound Quest to update every editor module for each of the over 1000 supported MIDI devices in Midi Quest. That means thousands of individually updated editors for Midi Quest 13.

Not only do patch parameter editors render based on the Windows Scaling setting but both Mac and Windows versions of Midi Quest 13 include a second scaling value to allow for even larger editors. (Feature not available in "Custom" editors: Korg Kronos, Korg Nautilus, and most Psicraft editors)

Remote editing with CC and NRPN MIDI messages has been improved. All CC and NRPN assignments can now be viewed from a new tab in the Settings dialog and each control's CC and NRPN assignments can be made from the same location instead of requiring the "Learn" function.

The number edit control has been updated with interactive up/down arrows to make small value parameter changes easier.

A new list dialog allows long item lists, such as selecting a sample or a new patch for a multi-timbral part, to be filtered so a selection from a smaller, more manageable list is possible.

 Patch Category Import

Patch Category Import to Tags

A popular request for Midi Quest 13 was that it be able to import and use the category or patch description information assigned in many instrument patches and use it as part of Midi Quest's tag system. Sound Quest has made this a feature of the new release.

For instruments which include this feature (a list of MIDI devices which support this feature can be found on the Upgrade Details page), the Settings dialog now includes a new button to import the category information. Midi Quest 13 does this by obtaining the complete list of descriptors that the instrument uses internally and adds these to Midi Quest's master tag list. Midi Quest then get the specific descriptor or category assigned to the selected patch and assigns it to the patch as a tag.

This system is extremely powerful and flexible. Midi Quest can assign tags to patches individually, to some or all of the patches in a bank, or to some or all of the patches in a libray. The image to the left shows tags added to a Novation Peak library by selecting all of the patches and choosing Library / Tags / Assign Category as a Tag from the menus.

After performing this operation once, the descriptors used in the instrument will also be available to be assigned as tags in Midi Quest.


And much more...

The features listed above are just the highlights. Midi Quest 13 includes improvements to every major part of the program. You will find enhancements to the Set editors, Bank editors, Patch editors, Collection, Library, Panel editor, and all ancillary windows.

For more information, check out Midi Quest 13's enhancements in greater detail.

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