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Midi Quest 13

SysEx Editor Librarian with support for over 1000 MIDI Instruments, Effects and devices

Midi Quest 13 upgrade details
Download Midi Quest 13.0.3

Midi Quest 13

Take creative control of your MIDI hardware. Supporting the latest 64-bit Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Midi Quest 13 is the only multi-instrument editor/librarian software capable of managing your studio's MIDI instruments and other devices as a fully integrated system. Midi Quest supports over 1000 instruments and MIDI devices from over 90 different manufacturers and helps you to get the most from your MIDI hardware. If you are new to Midi Quest, get all of the details on what Midi Quest can do for you click here.

If you already have Midi Quest, each version of Midi Quest 13 supports the latest Windows and Macintosh OS releases. The Macintosh release also adds universal code to natively support both Apple Silicon (M1/M2) and Intel processors for the stand-alone and AU, VST3, AAX, and VST2 plug-in versions.

Midi Quest 13 adds over 100 MIDI devices to its hardware support list and every new and existing editor module has been updated to take advantage of the latest features including…

4k/hiDPI monitors are now specifically supported for all Midi Quest 13 for Windows versions. Midi Quest automatically sizes itself based on the scaling you have selected for your monitor. Midi Quest 13's new collection of thousands of hires MIDI hardware and interface images work seamlessly with Apple hires retina displays as well. Midi Quest 13 also adds a secondary scaling option so editors can be made larger than the standard size if desired.

Midi Quest 13’s Patch Zone has been both enhanced and expanded to include over 270,000 unique Patches.

Midi Quest 13 Essentials now supports an unlimited number of instruments, just like Midi Quest and Midi Quest Pro.

These are just the highlights for Midi Quest 13. There are many additional enhancements to discover. For more information click here or to order your upgrade, click here.

Midi Quest 13.0.3 Now Available from the Downloads page
New Instrument editor releases

Sound Quest has added over 55 new or substantially enhanced instrument editor/librarians since Midi Quest 13 was released. Midi Quest supports well over 1000 MIDI instruments and devices. Here is a list of the latest additions and enhancements. For a complete list of the MIDI devices supported by Midi Quest, click here.

Alternate Mode MalletKAT Express
Alternate Mode MalletKAT Grand
Alternate Mode MalletKAT Pro
Alternate Mode TrapKAT3
Alternate Mode TrapKAT4
Alternate Mode TrapKAT5

ASM Hydrasynth v2 Deluxe
ASM Hydrasynth v2 Desktop
ASM Hydrasynth v2 Explorer
ASM Hydrasynth v2 Keyboard

Dreadbox Typhon

Encore Electronics Oberheim OB-Xa

Europa Jupiter 6

GliGli Prophet 600 v2022

Line 6 Echo Pro
Line 6 Mod Pro

Modal 001 CC
Modal 002 CC
Modal 002R CC
Modal Electronics Argon8
Modal Electronics Argon8m
Modal Electronics Argon8X
Modal Electronics Cobalt8
Modal Electronics Cobalt8m
Modal Electronics Cobalt8X

Quasimidi Rave-O-lution 309
Quasimidi Sirius
Roland D-50 MEX
Roland Fantom 06
Roland Fantom 07
Roland Fantom 08
Roland Fantom 6
Roland Fantom 7
Roland Fantom 8
Roland JD-08 CC
Roland Juno-DS61
Roland Juno-DS76
Roland Juno-DS88
Roland Juno-X
Roland Jupiter-X
Roland Jupiter-Xm
Roland JX-08

Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 4
Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 4 Desktop
Sequential Prophet 10 Rev 4
Sequential Prophet 10 Rev 4 Desktop

Series Circuits JX-3P

Tubbutec Juno-66
Tubbutec Mody-61
Tubbutec ModyPoly
Tubbutec ModySix
Tubbutec SH-1oh1

Waldorf M
Waldorf M 16
Waldorf Rocket

Yamaha CS1x Performance
Yamaha CS1x XG
Yamaha MODX 6+
Yamaha MODX 7+
Yamaha MODX 8+
Yamaha MOTIF XF6
Yamaha MOTIF XF7
Yamaha MOTIF XF8
Yamaha S70XS

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