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Midi Quest for iPad - Details

The only actively supported editor/librarian software with fully integrated support for multiple instruments from multiple manufacturers
Integrate MIDI hardware into your music studio with dedicated support for over 630 different MIDI devices (instruments, effects, drum machines, samplers, etc.)
Backup, organize, and manage the contents of your MIDI hardware from the comfort of your iPad
Customize each of your sounds to fit perfectly in the mix. The pro's don't use stock sounds, you don't need to either
Multi-threaded MIDI support allows Midi Quest to update all of your instruments simultaneously
Install any Psicraft editor into Midi Quest and take advantage of Midi Quest's additional features
Visit Sound Quest's YouTube Channel to watch Midi Quest video tutorials

The Patch Zone
With over 180,000 patches available to browse, Patch Zone has the largest collection of unique patches available anywhere for MIDI hardware
Filtered for duplicates, the patches in Patch Zone are unique for each instrument
Access the Patch Zone directly from Midi Quest using the context sensitive Patch Zone view which automatically updates its contents based on the active instrument
1-click audition automatically transmits each selected patch to the instrument so you can decide whether it's the right sound
Incorporate Patch Zone patches into your sound collection

Patch/Parameter Editors
Each editor is custom designed with logically grouped controls to provide an optimal editing environment
Real Time Updates - all parameter edits are automatically sent to the instrument so the instrument stays in sync with your editor
Graphical editing...
  • Intuitive grab and drag editing, or
  • select new values from a pop-up list
  • natural circular editing for rotary controls
  • Remote editing using CC, NRPN, and SysEx messages from hardware MIDI controllers (where available)
  • Popup numeric displays for all graphic controls (e.g., knobs, sliders) for accurate editing
Block copy/swap allows chunks of a patch (Oscillator, LFO, Envelopes, Effects, etc.) to be copied and pasted within a patch, or to another patch
Automated and manual patch auditioning options: pitch and velocity sensitive virtual keyboard, and Smart Thru for external keyboard auditioning
Scale Up - scale any standard editor up to 3X its normal size to focus on patch details
Swipe patch resources in and out of view for optimal use of the iPad screen
Restore, and initialize individual parameters
Unlimited Undo with auditionable edit history for risk free experimentation (requires an iPad with 2GB+ RAM)
Automatic or manual storage of edited patches back to banks
Optional left handed touch support places pop-up information in positions more appropriate to left hand use

Bank Editors
Intuitive multi-patch drag and drop interface to copy, paste, or swap patches within the current bank or with another bank
1-click audition automatically transmits each selected patch to the instrument to hear the selected sound
Parent/Child Link display shows which patches are being used by a parent patch or which patches are using a child patch
Parent/Child Link tracking ensures that performances continue to reference the correct sounds even during bank reorganization
Parent/Child Copy ensures that links between different types of SysEx in each patch are automatically updated while banks are edited
Unlimited Undo with undo history - back out of any editing changes (requires an iPad with 4GB+ RAM)
5 Patch Generator Tools quickly and intelligently create entire banks of unique new sounds: Morph, Mix, Mix All, Blend, and Gen 4
Partial Bank Transfer where supported by the instrument, save time by uploading or downloading selected entries in a bank
Rename patches without opening the patch editor
Transfer patches from the bank into the editor with manual or auto save options

Instrument Editors
Each Instrument Editor contains all of the different types of SysEx from an instrument (e.g., a Korg M1 has: Combi Bank, Combi, Program Bank, Program, Drum, Sequence, and Global SysEx)
1-click Upload and Download - transfer all of the SysEx data for an instrument to or from Midi Quest with a single click
Virtual and Synchronized editing modes provide editor only or simultaneous editor and instrument modification of banks

The Studio stores all of the Sysex for each piece of MIDI hardware in the studio (instrument editors)
Add a virtually unlimited number of instrument editors to each studio
Save and restore a virtually unlimited number of Studios to get the most flexibility out of your MIDI hardware
Total Recall - restore the SysEx for each instrument in your studio from a single file
Exchange Studio files with Mac and Windows versions of Midi Quest

Use the Library to store all of an instrument's patches / sounds in one place
1-tap audition automatically transmits each selected patch to the instrument to instantly determine if it is the sound you're looking for
Exchange Libraries with Mac and Windows versions of Midi Quest

A flexible resource to store banks and patches from any instrument supported by Midi Quest
Easily move SysEx between Studio files
Exchange Collections with Mac and Windows verisons of Midi Quest

Backup and restore all SysEx from over 630 instruments and other MIDI devices
Multi-threaded MIDI port support allows simultaneous transfer of SysEx to two or more instruments
Multi-threaded MIDI port support allows you to edit patches or banks on one instrument while simultaneously transferring SysEx to other MIDI devices in the studio
Active MIDI Port Manager - MIDI ports are automatically added or removed when plugged into or unplugged from the computer
Automated Import of SysEx from .syx and .mid files even if the files contain a mix of SysEx from various devices
Import Set, Collection, Patch, and Bank SysEx files from Mac and Windows versions of Midi Quest using iCloud, Dropbox, email attachments, or any other source
Share files with Mac and Windows versions of Midi Quest
Active Receive automatically opens editors for manually transmitted bulk dumps
MIDI THRU - context sensitive automated MIDI re-routing and re-channelization
Export SysEx in standard MIDI file, MIDIX/Cakewalk, and Text formats
Fast Tips Help - contains instrument specific configuration information necessary for the instrument to successfully communicate with Midi Quest
MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports  - support for up to 255 individually addressable MIDI in and out ports

Sound Checker
Integrated auditioning tools for faster sound development and auditioning
Monitor provides complete MIDI input output analysis and system feedback
Audition sounds using a predefined chord or with a virtual keyboard

iOS Support: iOS9.3 and higher
MIDI interface: any MIDI interface supported by CoreAudio without requiring custom drivers
Minimum H/W requirements: iPad 2 or higher can run Midi Quest for iPad
Download new and enhanced instrument modules from within Midi Quest
Open Midi Quest SysEx files from all DOS, Mac, Amiga and Atari versions
Midi Quest takes full advantage of the increased screen size of iPad Pro models
Each instrument editor/librarian operates in demo mode until activated with an in-app purchase